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Domestic Violence Suspect Resisted Arrest and Damaged Cop Car

When a man who was being apprehended by the police for suspicion of domestic abuse he allegedly tried to goad the officers into a fight while resisting arrest and caused damage to the inside of their police car.

On Friday evening, 35-year-old Lemar Miller was in Desert Hot Springs when he was reported to the police over accusations that he had physically assaulted a woman and forced her to run away when he chased after her while wielding a rock.

When the Desert Hot Springs police arrived they spoke with the alleged victim who confirmed in her statement that Miller had committed acts of violence toward her.

The officers decided there was enough suspicion to warrant taking Miller into custody, and when they tried to arrest him they reported that he was uncooperative and tried to intimidate the officers verbally.

Officers were also allegedly physically assaulted during the altercation. When giving a statement about the incident the Desert Springs Police Sergeant did not mention whether there were injuries to the police who were reportedly hit by Miller.

While he was in the back of the police car Miller allegedly continued resisting and the police report reflected that he “heavily damaged the inside of a police vehicle.”

Miller is being held at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in lieu of $75,000 bond. He is facing charges of felony domestic violence, resisting arrest, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, vandalism, and arson. He is additionally accused of felony prohibited use of a firearm due to the fact that Miller has been prohibited from using firearms for a 10-year period because of a prior conviction and he was allegedly found with one when the officers arrested him.

Miller is scheduled to appear in court for the allegations on August 15.

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