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Dad and Daughter Suspected of Selling Drugs to Teens

A Georgia father and daughter have been accused of working together selling drugs to students at the high school where the girl attends.

After an investigation that lasted several months took place due to a report regarding the belief that high school students were being supplied marijuana and pills by one of their classmates, law enforcement was led to the suspicion that 17-year-old Morgan Williams may be involved in the dealings.

When the investigators dug into the reported actions of Morgan suspicions were then raised about her father, 51-year-old Daniel Williams, for being a part of the drug sales allegations.

On Wednesday evening, the Johns Creek Alpharetta Forsyth Drug Task Force orchestrated a raid on the Williams’ home and they reportedly found over two pounds of marijuana, and 87 pills in assorted colors that were said to have resembled children’s chewable vitamins in appearance. Upon further inspection, it was revealed that the substance tested positive as MDMA, which is commonly referred to as ecstasy on the street. The authorities alleged that they also discovered materials that they suspected are meant for packaging drugs and $22,000 in cash.

Morgan and Daniel Williams were arrested and booked into the Forsyth County Jail without bond.

Morgan is facing charges for the sale of marijuana, possession of more than an ounce of marijuana, intent to distribute marijuana, intent to distribute MDMA, and tampering with evidence, which are all felonies. She is also being charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of drug-related objects.

Daniel has been accused of felony intent to distribute MDMA, and felony use of electronic communications to facilitate a drug offense.

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