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Domestic Violence Due to DirecTV Bill Lands Man in Jail

A man who allegedly battered the woman with whom he resides due to his angry reaction over an unpaid internet bill is facing felony charges for the actions that he has been accused of.

On Tuesday, 39-year-old David Mann was reportedly in the middle of a fight with the 78-year-old woman that he refers to as his wife regarding financial issues. He was allegedly upset that the DirecTV services had been interrupted even though he had given $200 to ensure that the bill got paid.

During the course of the argument, the woman tried to exit the residence but Mann is suspected of following her and preventing her from leaving before pushing the alleged victim onto a bed and exerting pressure on her neck with his hands for a few seconds, as reflected in the arrest report.

Mann’s mom was at the home and when she heard the alleged scuffle she reportedly hollered, causing Mann to stop.

When the police arrived they reportedly noticed some reddened markings on the woman’s chest. They additionally documented that they spotted a box of 12 gauge shells, and a second box containing .22 caliber bullets in plain sight sitting near the side door of the home.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Department issued information to the officers at the scene letting them know that Mann had been convicted of a felony and as a condition of his probation he is prohibited from having ammunition in his home.

When the police spoke with the alleged victim she told them that she was not Mann’s wife, but that he was her former boyfriend and that they live together. She also stated that Mann had attempted to strangle her with his hands which aligned with the initial allegations.

Mann was taken into custody and booked into the Nassau County Jail. He is facing felony charges of battery on a person over 65, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. He is being held without bail and he is not allowed to have any interaction with the victim or come within 500 feet of the house they share.

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