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Dad Swung Excavator at Cops During Son’s Arrest 

When a father operating an excavator saw the police arresting his son, the man allegedly intentionally swung the machine at the officers in a purported attempt to prevent the detention. 

24-year-old Brandon Tallman lives in Vermont. 

Wayne Tallman, 52, and 48-year-old Amy Tallman are Brandon’s parents. Wayne and Amy have a home in Hardwick. 

On June 14, the authorities showed up at the Hardwick residence. They went to the door in search of Brandon with the intention of arresting him for their belief that he was involved in a theft incident a few days earlier. 

According to reports, Brandon ran from the home, and the troopers caught him a few feet from where they parked their vehicle. 

While Brandon was reportedly struggling against the troopers, Amy allegedly joined in and became combative to try to stop them from arresting her son. 

While they were in view of the dash cam inside the police vehicle, the troopers can be seen pushing Brandon onto the ground and struggling with him. 

Someone was inside of a red excavator, and the person, who was asserted to be Wayne, swung the bucket of the machine in the direction of the troopers. 

One of the law enforcement officers dodged the device, drew his firearm, and pointed it at Wayne while ordering him to stop what he was doing. 

The other trooper was still on the ground holding Brandon, and they both rolled out of the path of the machine when it swung past a second time. 

Brandon was taken into custody for burglary and assault.  

Wayne was placed under arrest on suspicion of aggravated assault on a protected official, resisting arrest, impeding arrest, and reckless endangerment. 

Amy was not arrested, but she was accused of impeding an officer and she was given a citation at the scene. 

It was reported that no one was injured during the incident. 

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