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Date Planned From Online Connection Turns into Armed Robbery

An Alabama man who set up a date with a woman he had met online was the alleged victim of a robbery by four people, one of which was identified as the woman he was supposed to meet for the date.

The purported victim had made the acquaintance of 29-year-old Rikki Alisha Perry online through a dating application, and they decided that they would like to meet in person for a date.

The man set up the encounter for Tuesday evening, but he reported that Perry never arrived for their plans.

The man was awakened early Wednesday morning to find that he was in the midst of being robbed by four people. When the alleged victim notified the authorities he reported that when he tried to intervene one of the intruders was wielding a tire iron and had threatened him with it. He also noted that he recognized Perry as one of the suspects.

When Limestone County deputies located the accused thieves, in addition to Perry they also found 26-year-old Bobby Peck Jr. and 34-year-old Elizabeth Case. All three were taken into custody, and authorities are continuing their search for the fourth perpetrator. Though deputies recovered what they suspected was a portion of the man’s belongings they have not disclosed an inventory of what was taken.

Perry, Peck, and Case were all charged with first-degree robbery, and they were booked into Limestone County Jail. The arrest records reflect that Perry and Peck are being held without set bail, and they have no listed court dates scheduled. Case is being held in lieu of $1,500 bail, and she is due to appear in court on February 26.

If they are convicted as charged they could each be given the penalty of a lifetime prison sentence.

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