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Daughter Attacked Dad Over Medical Marijuana

When the daughter of a man who is prescribed marijuana for medical use reportedly became upset that he would not share his weed with her, she allegedly advanced upon him physically and was arrested for the outburst.

In the afternoon on July 23, 22-year-old Dakota DiRienzo was hanging out with her father, 54-year-old Luigi DiRienzo, at his Sebastian, Florida residence. Luigi’s girlfriend was also reportedly at the dwelling with the pair.

When Dakota allegedly wanted her father to share some of his medical marijuana and he denied her request the girl allegedly pushed the issue and the two began to have a verbal dispute.

The situation allegedly intensified to the extent that Dakota forced her father onto the ground and reached for his crotch in a purported attempt to harm the man.

When the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office was notified by Luigi’s significant other, deputies went to the residence and took statements from Dakota, Luigi, and Luigi’s girlfriend.

As Luigi’s romantic companion spoke with the officer, she reportedly confirmed that Dakota yanked her dad to the ground and made an attempt to clutch him through the clothing in his genital region.

The alleged victim talked to the police and reportedly stated that when he was yanked to the ground during the skirmish over the smoke the shirts he was wearing were torn.

The authorities reported that they found the ripped garments in the residence.

The police spoke with Dakota about the allegations, and she reportedly stated that her father doesn’t hold back when sharing his stash with his friends but he was not willing to give her the same treatment.

DiRienzo was taken into custody, and she is facing charges for misdemeanor battery.

She was booked into the Indian River County Jail, where she remained in lieu of a $1,000 bond until July 24.

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