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Disney World Employee Planned to Rape Child at Hotel

A 40-year-old man who worked at The Magic Kingdom has been accused of trying to arrange a meeting with an 8-year-old for a sexual encounter.

On March 11, an undercover agent was in an online chatroom when he encountered a user going by the handle of “Mike.”

The agent chose a username that implied he was the father of a young girl. According to the affidavit, Mike sent the agent a message to inquire about the girl’s age. The complaint states that the agent replied and disclosed that his daughter was 8-years-old.

After learning of the girl’s age, Mike reportedly expressed his interest in having sexual encounters with children. The two texted back and forth a bit about what might take place if Mike were given the chance to spend time with the girl.

When asked if he would seriously consider it, the faux father agreed to bring the child to the man if Mike made the 2-hour flight from Orlando to Detroit and the arrangements for a hotel room.

When the alleged plan was put in motion, it was reportedly decided that Spring Break would be the best time to meet since the child would not have to attend school for the week.

Mike allegedly said he would secure the hotel room, but before anything was solidified, the agent said that Mike sent an email to inform that he had been in a car accident and would not be coming after all. The agent also alleged that Mike then proposed that the father and daughter fly to Florida instead.

The men agreed to the change of plans, and it was reported that the agent was sent emails from an account assumed to belong to the same person with whom he was interacting in the chatroom. The emails allegedly contained pornographic images and videos that contained someone later determined to share the appearance of the suspect. Mike allegedly requested they be shown to the little girl.

The authorities used employment and internet records that they obtained, and they purported that the digital activity had come from a Clermont man named Frederick M. Pohl.

The criminal complaint states that Pohl had at least one online chat interaction with an agent acting as the 8-year-old girl, and a log of the communication showed “Mike” explaining with the sexual acts he was allegedly planning to do with her in graphic detail.

On May 21, a hotel room was reportedly booked by Pohl at the Days Inn, and he allegedly said he would meet the father and daughter at the location in the morning after he picked up condoms and a swimsuit.

When Pohl pulled into the Day’s Inn parking lot, he was quickly detained by the authorities, who said that the man had the condoms, in addition to a pink heart-covered dress made for a child.

Pohl was taken into custody for allegations that he was planning to sexually assault the child, and he is facing charges for transferring obscene materials to a minor, and attempting to entice a minor.

Pohl waived his right to a detention hearing and he remains incarcerated. He could spend the rest of his life in federal prison if he is found guilty of the charges.

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