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Newlywed Bliss Burned Out Over Pot Wasted in Washer

A recently married couple had their honeymoon phase interrupted by an arrest when an argument allegedly caused a woman to beat her wife with a bedpost over misplaced marijuana.

Youngsville, Louisiana, residents Ashley Perkins and her wife were married last month.

On March 20, the couple was in Navarre, Florida, visiting relatives when they reportedly got into a fight.

Perkins had been trying to locate some marijuana that had been misplaced when she discovered that it had been put in the washing machine. Perkins blamed her significant other for the mishap, and she reportedly responded by taking a bedpost that had been removed from its structure and using it as a weapon against the alleged victim.

During the alleged fight, Perkins was accused of hitting her spouse in the head, legs, and arm with the object, and causing significant enough injuries that the woman would need to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they reported that the alleged victim’s injuries seemed to corroborate with the method in which they were said to have been sustained.

According to the arrest report, 30-year-old Perkins was assumed to be the aggressor in the incident, and she was read her Miranda rights. The arresting officer recorded that Perkins still opted to give a statement.

During her alleged declaration, Perkins reportedly said that she and her spouse did get into a scuffle over the marijuana, but she did not strike her or cause her any injuries. Perkins explained that the woman had caused some of the wounds by rolling herself over the bedpost. She also reportedly stated that the other injuries were self-inflicted when her wife used the bedpost to batter herself.

Perkins is facing charges of felony second-degree aggravated battery. She entered a plea of not guilty to the accusation and posted a $25,000 bond on May 23. She was assigned release conditions including the inability to have any contact with her spouse at this time.

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