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Divorced Couple Stole $500K of Merchandise from Nordstrom 

A man who worked at Nordstrom allegedly stole approximately $500,000 in merchandise from his job, and his ex-wife reportedly sold the goods for profit on eBay. 

47-year-old Denis Palamarchuk and 48-year-old Tatyana Alysheva used to be married. The now ex-couple also worked together at the Minnetonka Nordstrom in Ridgedale Center. 

Last month, employees from Nordstrom Asset Protection became aware that high-end merchandise had been going missing from the outgoing shipments area of the loading dock. 

When they started looking into the situation, it was reported that Palamarchuk was seen in surveillance videos as he tried to conceal the merchandise by repositioning security cameras. 

Store policy prohibits employees from leaving the store through the loading dock, and it was asserted that Palamarchuk drove his car to the bay door and loaded boxes into his vehicle. 

It was reported that a surveillance camera was deliberately hidden in a spot that the employees believed would clearly depict Palamarchuk in the act of alleged thievery. 

When they reportedly gathered the evidence they needed, Palamarchuk talked to the internal investigators about the alleged thefts of the merchandise. The man allegedly admitted he took items and explained that he needed money because he had been going through a divorce. 

The Minnetonka Police Department was involved in the investigation, and they obtained a search warrant to inspect Palamarchuk’s residence in Plymouth. 

High-end designer purses, shoes, and clothing believed to have been taken from the store were located. $46,000 was also found.  

The police reportedly learned that Alysheva had more than 200 posts on eBay to sell the merchandise Palamarchuk allegedly stole. The money they allegedly found was purported to be from the sales of the stolen goods. 

Palamarchuk was taken into custody and charged with felony theft. Alysheva is named as a co-defendant in the case. 

When he was asked, Palamarchuk allegedly said he stole items from his job because his pay had been cut, and he was in dire need of money.  

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