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Faux Dental Hygienist Worked on Patients for Years  

A woman from California is facing several felonies after allegedly working for many years and in several locations as a dental hygienist without possessing the necessary legal credentials to do so. 

50-year-old woman Elizabeth “Mina” Larijani aka Elizabeth Garcia Costilla is from California. 

According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, between 2015 and 2020 Larijani worked as a dental hygienist at several offices in the cities of San Jose and Campbell. It was also asserted that she applied for additional dental hygienist positions during that timeframe.  

In the offices where Larijani was hired, the woman allegedly falsified her credentials and claimed she was a registered dental hygienist. Larijani worked on patients in those dental offices. 

It was reported that Larijani obtained the legal credentials of registered licensed dental hygienists through identity theft. 

Over time, each employer became suspicious of Larijani’s credentials. The woman would allegedly quit the job so that she would not get caught, and then went out to procure a new job at a different office. 

Investigators from the Dental Board were informed about Larijani’s alleged actions, and they notified the authorities. 

Legal agencies worked together to track down Larijani. They reported that they discovered she was working as a dental hygienist in Glendale, Arizona. 

Larijani was taken into custody in Arizona, and she was extradited to San Jose, California. She is facing 16 felony and misdemeanor counts of tax fraud, identity theft, and practicing dental hygiene work without a license. She was incarcerated in lieu of $40,000 bail. She was released from custody after posting the ordered amount. 

While the exact number is unknown, the authorities believe Larijani was employed by at least 10 dental offices in California. 

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