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Driver Ignored Traffic Stop to Finish Intimate Encounter

When the authorities tried to stop a driver that was allegedly seen running a red light, the man hesitated to pull over so that his female passenger would reportedly be able to conclude their in-motion sexual encounter.

Last Tuesday night, 55-year-old Rhonda Koppenhoefer was accompanying David Herring on a drive as a passenger in his Ford truck.

While engaged with the company of the woman, Herring failed to stop at a red traffic signal and caught the eye of law enforcement officers. When they threw on their lights to pull over Herring he reportedly hesitated and drove for an estimated 150 feet before complying with their summoning.

After approaching Herring and asking him what took so long to pull the truck over, he reportedly said that he was receiving sexual pleasure from Koppenhoefer, which was his reasoning behind why his trousers were still undone.

Upon peering into the vehicle in the direction of Koppenhoefer, it was alleged that she was holding a beer bottle between her thighs. They also reportedly noticed a substance resembling rocks of crack cocaine, in addition to a pipe assumed to be used to smoke the drugs, on the floor of the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

Koppenhoefer, who was said to have a white, round object in her mouth that was assumed to be an illicit substance, told the officer that the pipe didn’t belong to her. Herring contradicted her reported statement by claiming that she had tossed it on the floor when the traffic stop was first attempted.

The authorities found Herring’s assertions more credible than Koppenhoefer’s, and while Herring was reported as having escaped any penalties in the event, his allegedly performing passenger was taken into custody.

Koppenhoefer is facing felony charges for possession of cocaine, destroying/tampering with evidence, and possession or use of drug equipment. She is being held on a $35,000 bond for the allegations.

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