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Orange County Male Nanny Charged for Molestation

An Orange County, CA, man with a babysitting service has been accused of several sex crimes after allegations that he molested two local young boys he was caring for.

30-year-old Matthew Zakrzewski from Costa Mesa has over 6 years of experience and many special qualifications for working with children.

Zakrzeqski hosts a website that offers a list of the services he provides, under the nickname of “Matthew the Manny,” while he works with the kids and families who hire him. He advertises his availability to serve in the role of “manny, babysitter, buddy, big brother, role model, mentor,” and hosts pictures of himself with several different children he has reportedly worked with. Zakrzeqski also states that he has known since he was rather young that working with children is his calling.

The page also includes many credible services and organizations of which Zakrzeqski is affiliated, including an organization called Trustline who screens people who work with children by performing background checks.

Earlier this month, the Laguna Beach Police Department was alerted by the parents of an 8-year-old boy who had been in Zakrzeqski’s care regarding allegations that the man touched their child in a sexual manner.

While investigating the claims made against him, the authorities reported that they found a 7-year-old in Los Angeles, also given care by Zakrzeqski, with whom he may have also had inappropriate sexual interactions.

Due to the allegations of abuse and the discoveries made during the initial investigation, Laguna Beach police and detectives decided it was time to track down Zakrzeqski. They found out he would be landing on Friday in California after taking an international trip, and they chose to apprehend him at the airport.

Zakrzeqski was arrested and charged with three felony child molestation charges based on the alleged sexual acts with the children. He is additionally being charged with one felony charge for child pornography possession due to allegations that he had inappropriate sexual images.

When searching Zakrzeqski’s residence, the authorities allegedly found a recorded video of a male child and the suspect while they appeared to be involved in a sexual way. The youngster in the video is not one of the boys named in the initial complaint.

After asking for the public’s help in learning if more alleged victims were out there, within 6 days of Zakrzeqski’s arrest four more children had their elders come forward with accusations against him, and over a dozen calls have been received purporting that they have more information to offer.

At his arraignment, Zakrzeqski pleaded not guilty to the charges, which could result in life in prison if he is convicted. He is due back in court at the end of May for scheduled pretrial and bail review hearings, and he is being held on $1,000,000 bail.

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