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Hedgehog Custody Battle Turned Violent

An arrest was made when a daughter moving out of her home got into a heated argument with her mother over who would keep caring for the family hedgehog, and the fight reportedly became physical.

On Sunday, the 43-year-old mother of Emma Davisson was having a discussion with her 18-year-old about some issues she was having with the way her daughter was behaving at home. They were having trouble seeing eye-to-eye about how to resolve matters, and Davisson decided she would move out in response to the situation.

When she told her mom that she decided she was going to depart, Davisson allegedly said that she was going to bring along the family’s pet hedgehog. Her mother heartily protested and said that the younger children were the ones tending to the pet and they should be allowed to continue.

Davisson allegedly became increasingly agitated and tried to go into her siblings’ bedroom to grab the hedgehog on her way out. Her mother reported that she placed herself in front of the door and refused Davisson entry to the bedroom, causing her daughter to react by shoving and striking her more than once while her siblings watched.

Around 7:30 pm, the police arrived at the residence and took a report about the alleged domestic violence, and determined that it was plausible that Davisson had used physical force in the prickly incident.

When she was read her rights it was alleged that Davisson issued a statement and said her actions were defensive due to her mother lashing out physically first. The arrest report did not reflect any injuries to either party during the alleged event.

Davisson was taken into custody for suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery and spent the night in the Pinellas County Jail before being released on her own recognizance the next morning. She has been prohibited from having any contact with her mom, and she was granted permission to go to the house only once, and with law enforcement officers, so that she could pick up her possessions.

At this time it was reported that the hedgehog will stay in the family home, and in the care of the suspect’s siblings.

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