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Drugs Fell From Woman’s Crotch in Front of Police

While interacting with the authorities, a woman allegedly had a bag of ecstasy and a feminine hygiene product drop from between her legs.

34-year-old Kristen Szatmary and her mother reportedly got into an explosive argument around 2:30 pm on Sunday, which resulted in a call to the police.

When a deputy from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office went to the Vero Beach residence with the reported ruckus, he saw Szatmary sitting inside of an idle cab in front of the house.

While talking with the deputy, who allegedly spotted some white powder on Szatmary’s nose, she reportedly told him of the shouting match between herself and her mother.

As she got out of the hailed ride to continue conversing with the deputy, Szatmary allegedly had two items slide out of one of the legs of her shorts. The police report states that the deputy identified them as a “clear bag with a white substance,” and “a feminine product.”

The deputy picked up the baggie and used a field test on the contents, which reportedly revealed positive results for the psychoactive recreational drug MDMA, also commonly referred to as ecstasy, or molly.

When he asked her about the alleged illegal substance, the deputy recorded that Szatmary told him it didn’t belong to her, but that she was bringing it to another person.

Szatmary was taken into custody and booked into the Indian River County Jail. She is facing charges for possession of a controlled substance for the accusations, and it was ordered that she remain in jail on a $5000 bond.

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