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Stepmom Set Fire to 5-Year-Old As Punishment

A Texas woman is facing charges for allegations that she punished her stepdaughter by pouring rubbing alcohol over the child’s face, of which she then ignited.

On May 13, the Grand Prairie neighbor of Dalia Jimenez notified the police with concern after she saw what appeared to be burns on the face of Jimenez’s young stepdaughter.

The authorities went to the residence and reported that the child was gleeful and outside playing with friends, but took note of the visible burns on her face.

The police talked to 20-year-old Jimenez about what had led to her stepdaughter’s injuries. The woman reportedly said that she and the girl were at the house together while her dad was out, and the child had been accidentally scorched by the flames of a candle during a mishap while lighting it.

It was asserted by the police that the youngster had not had proper medical care for the burns, which had occurred two days prior.

The young girl was taken to the Parkland Hospital Burn Center and assessed by the doctors. The authorities told the medical staff that the child had been the victim of a candle burn, but the doctors reportedly did not believe that the injuries were likely attained in that fashion due to how they were displayed on her face and a small portion of her neck.

In light of the hospital’s diagnosis, detectives felt that it was crucial to talk with Jimenez in an effort to collect further details about the event. A detective reported that Jimenez continued to tell them that her stepchild had been burned by the candle until, “about an hour-long conversation,” wherein she allegedly eventually admitted that she had caused the injuries.

Jimenez allegedly said that the child was screaming inside the home and in an attempt to punish her she doused the girl’s face with rubbing alcohol and lit it on fire. It was also reported that the woman expressed regret for the incident.

The police arrested Jimenez and she is facing charges for suspicion of felony injury to a child. She was booked into the Grand Prairie jail and met the conditions of a $20,000 bond in order to gain her release.

The child’s father is not facing any charges at this time because he was not at home when the alleged incident took place, and he reported to the police that he hadn’t questioned his wife’s explanation of what transpired.

The alleged victim and her younger sibling were taken out of the home and they were reported as safe and staying with family members.

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