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Drunk Suspect Arrested For Sleeping it Off on Strangers Couch

After a drunken brawl that caused him injuries, an Ohio man allegedly walked into the home of a sleeping family he did not know and slept on their couch until they awoke and called the authorities.
On November 30, 30-year-old Colin Febus reportedly spent the evening enjoying alcoholic beverages at a local bar.
Before Febus made it back to his residence, he and a person with whom he was not acquainted reportedly got into a physical fight. Febus suffered from a broken nose, in addition to two black eyes as a result of the altercation.
After the fight, Febus believed he was being driven home but was instead left in front of a Medina house occupied by people that he did not know.
Febus, who was allegedly black-out drunk, reportedly walked up to a door that was not locked and let himself into the home.
The family residing in the house was asleep, but a loud noise later assumed to have come from Febus, caused the man and his wife to stir. They decided it was likely the sound of their cat causing something to fall to the floor and they went back to sleep.
The woman decided to get up a short time after, and when she was confronted by the sight of a strange man asleep on the couch she ran back to the bedroom to alert her husband.
The couple notified the authorities by calling 911, and the man grabbed a baseball bat to keep them safe from potential harm until the police arrived.
Officers from the Medina Police Department went to the home and placed Febus under arrest for suspicion of burglary for his purportedly illegal drunken nap.
Febus, who was reported as stating that he doesn’t remember the events of the evening beyond going to the bar, also issued apologies to the family for what had transpired. He was quoted as saying, “I’m very sympathetic for them. I apologize for it, it’s not my demeanor at all. I’m a good citizen and I want them to be aware that I’m sorry for my actions.”
When the family spoke with the local news about the incident they said that they only hope that Febus gets help if he is in need of it, and they are happy that no one was harmed.
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