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Man Tried to Rob Employer After Calling in Drunk

An employee of a Georgia restaurant reportedly called out from his shift because he was too inebriated to perform his job, and later allegedly attempted to steal money from the establishment at gunpoint.

Kentarias Gowans is a 20-year-old man from Flowery Branch who works for the Oakwood Steak n Shake restaurant.

On Thanksgiving, Gowans was reportedly scheduled to work a shift but he called in beforehand to alert them that he would not be coming in due to the fact that he had consumed too much alcohol.

At approximately 10:00 pm, Gowans allegedly showed up at his job site while still in a drunken state and reportedly proceeded to hold a handgun up against an employee that was working their shift at the time.

With a restaurant full of onlooking customers, Gowans allegedly insisted that the employee being held at gunpoint give him money.

Since so many people were in the restaurant at the time, many calls were placed to notify the authorities about what was allegedly taking place.

The police took less than a minute to arrive at the restaurant, and it was reported that the people inside were still rushing out the door to get out of purported harm’s way.

Gowans reportedly did not initially want to drop his gun when the officers asked him to do so, and it appeared to them as if he was pointing it in their direction before he eventually followed the order.

Police rushed Gowans, who was allegedly uncooperative to the point that they employed a taser on the man in an attempt to gain control of him.

Gowans was taken into custody and booked into the Hall County Jail for suspicion of aggravated assault, a weapons violation, obstruction, public drunkenness, and underage drinking. The Oakwood Police Department Lt. disclosed that it is believed more charges will be added.

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