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Drunk Suspect Offered Cops $60 to Take Her Home 

 A woman accused of driving under the influence allegedly asked the authorities if she could give them $60 to forget about the situation and take her home instead of arresting her. 

33-year-old Tabatha Mae Jack resides in Harrison, Pennsylvania. 

Around 9:00 am on April 17, Jack reportedly got into a single-vehicle accident. 

Pennsylvania State Police troopers went to the scene and said that the woman’s car appeared as if it had exited the road and ended up in the grassy area of a highway onramp. 

When they began to interact with Jack, the troopers reported that she smelled like she had been drinking alcohol. It was also reported that she had several physical indications of intoxication. 

According to reports, Jack said that two vehicles caused her car to veer off the road when she was trying to get on the highway. 

When the troopers asked Jack if she would take roadside sobriety tests, the woman reportedly consented. 

The authorities reported that when the troopers tried to get Jack to perform the tasks, she became combative. 

As the troopers tried to arrest the woman, Jack reportedly got physical. One of the troopers forced her to the ground, and they were both mildly injured as a result. 

Jack was taken into custody for suspicion of felony bribery, and misdemeanors for obstruction, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, driving under the influence, public drunkenness, and several traffic-related infractions. 

According to the police, before Jack was placed in jail, she offered to pay them $60 to take her to her house instead of putting her in a cell. 

Jack, whose BAC was recorded as .247%, was incarcerated. She was released from custody the following morning. 

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