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Drunk Woman Attacked Sibling with EpiPen

After a night of drinking together, one sister reportedly stabbed the other many times with an EpiPen in an alleged attempt to reverse the effects of the alcohol.

62-year-old Joanna Marie Zielinski and her 65-year-old sister reside together in Naples, Florida.

On the evening of February 11, Zielinski and her sister were reportedly spending time together. During their hangout session, the pair were reportedly consuming alcohol and taking narcotics.

When her sister was ready to call it a night, she reportedly crashed on the sofa while Zielinski allegedly continued partying alone.

After Zielinski’s sister had been slumbering for a while, the woman reportedly grabbed an epinephrine injection pen and jabbed it into the alleged unsuspecting victim multiple times.

Zielinski’s sister tried to notify the authorities after the alleged assault, but her call was interrupted.

The police used the information from the disconnected call and tracked down the area that they believed it had originated.

The Naples Police Department sent officers to see if someone needed assistance, and they went to the apartment where the sisters reside.

They knocked on the door, and when speaking with the women the police inquired about the 911 call.

According to the police report, Zielinski offered the information that she has an allergy to inebriated people, so she used her prescription EpiPen to try to cure her sister’s drunkenness. She reportedly added that she didn’t understand why her actions were a “big deal.”

The alleged victim expressed concern about the way her body might respond to the introduction of the epinephrine, and Emergency Medical Services came to the home to check her condition.

It was determined that Zielinski did not properly use the injection, and none of the medication was released into her sister’s body.

The alleged victim, who reportedly had a sizeable mark on her leg from the incident, was recorded as telling the police that the abuse she received from her sister was ongoing. She expressed a desire to press charges.

Zielinski was taken into custody and booked into the county jail for a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery.

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