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Drunken Hankering for Eggroll Lead to Battery

A man who went to his girlfriend’s home while reportedly plastered was arrested for a domestic violence incident allegedly carried out due to his insatiable craving for eggrolls.

On the evening of March 18, 44-year-old Keith Johnson had reportedly been inebriated when he decided that he had a hankering for the eggrolls that his girlfriend had at her place.

Johnson made his way to her residence and began to ring the bell, but the woman didn’t respond. He reportedly decided to ring the bell over and over until his girlfriend told him she didn’t want him there at that time.

Due to his desire for the Chinese food, Johnson and his 60-year-old romantic partner allegedly began to argue resulting in the woman giving in to his request for the eggrolls.

When Johnson’s sweetheart presented the snacks to him he allegedly got rough with her, and a neighbor who overheard the arguing call the cops to report her belief that the fighting had gotten out of control.

The police responded and collected statements from the couple and the neighbor in an effort to investigate the incident.

While talking with an officer, Johnson reportedly said that he had gotten upset because he was given cold eggrolls, but he wanted them warmed and had pushed his girlfriend for not letting him in her home.

As recorded in the arrest report, the neighbor who phoned the authorities said that she had heard the sounds of slapping while the couple was fighting, in addition to overhearing something about eggrolls.

When the alleged victim was questioned she confirmed what her boyfriend had told the officer, and added that she had slapped Johnson, who she said has never become physically aggressive with her in the near 5 years that they have been dating. She included that striking him was incited by the allegedly hurtful things he was saying during the fight.

Neither Johnson nor the alleged victim had any injuries, but the authorities believed that Johnson was the aggressor in the event and he was booked into the county jail on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery.

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