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DUI Suspect Crashed Car After 8 Hard Seltzers

A Texas man is facing legal ramifications after he allegedly ended up in a ditch with his car after imbibing on too many hard seltzer alcoholic beverages.

On December 22, Michael Cifelli was driving his sport utility vehicle through Houston when he reportedly lost control of the car.

The man reportedly landed in a ditch located by a nearby apartment building on an Interstate service road.

When the Austin Police learned about the single-vehicle accident, they arrived at the location of the ditch and reported that they viewed the man attempting to make his way out of the car in the roadside trench while allegedly sipping on a large can of beer.

As the police looked on, Cifelli had success with exiting the SUV, but the man was allegedly unable to navigate his way up the steep bank off the side of the road.

In an effort to assist the man, the police dropped a rope down the hill so Cifelli could grab ahold of it while they helped to pull him up to the street.

While Cifelli, who the police believed displayed indications of intoxication, began to speak with them the authorities reported that the man told them he had been drinking White Claw hard seltzer. Cifelli allegedly stated that he consumed eight of the beverages, which contain 5% alcohol by volume, before getting behind the wheel. The authorities noted that the suspected drunk driver retracted his initial alleged confession and informed them that he had been drinking regular seltzer.

When Cifelli tried to follow the orders given during three sobriety tests he allegedly did not perform well, and he was accused of driving while intoxicated.

Cifelli was placed under arrest for the allegations, and no other drivers were injured during the incident.

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