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Mom Made Facebook Video Threatening to Shoot Kids

The mother of a boy who was reportedly relentlessly bullied at school allegedly made a video issuing threats to warn the children involved in tormenting her child that she would harm them if they did not stop.

Gainesville resident Cirea Oliver is a 29-year-old mother with an 11-year-old son.

Recently, Oliver reported that her son has been the target of bullies at Gainesville Middle School where he attends. The concerned mother reportedly approached the school about the situation, but they did not appear to take care of the matter in a way that relieved Oliver’s son of the alleged harassment.

On Monday around noon, Oliver reportedly reached the end of her patience and recorded a 44-minute video of herself on Facebook Live where she threatened to take the matter of protecting her child into her own hands since no one was stepping in on his behalf. The angry mother reportedly threatened to shoot the offending bullies if they did not stop bothering her son, and she held the school, the children doing the bullying, and the parents responsible for the ongoing problem.

While the upset mother used several curse words in her video, she also reportedly said that her child was being broken down, and she stated, “It feels like his world is crashing, and he feels inadequate and he feels like he’s nothing.”

After the authorities learned about the video, they showed up at the school on Monday and when Oliver entered the school grounds she was taken into custody for what was viewed as terroristic threats.

Oliver was booked into the Hall County Jail for the allegations, and at her bond hearing on Thursday it was judged that she would remain in custody without bond.

A local mother’s group was reported as giving their full support to Oliver regarding her response to the way children are being harassed by their peers at school.

Many parents reported that they do not believe the school system has taken the problem of bullying seriously enough.

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