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DUI Suspect Plowed Head-On into Officer in Patrol Car 

A California man on probation for a DUI was arrested after slamming his vehicle into a police patrol car with an officer inside while reportedly driving under the influence. 

Early in the morning on December 13, an officer with the Oceanside Police Department was on patrol and parked on a center island near a Route 79 offramp. 

According to reports, someone driving a Kia Optima was speeding when they exited the highway. The car went over the curb and onto the center island, and it barreled into the front of the officer’s vehicle in a head-on collision. 

The authorities reported that the officer’s car moved an estimated 40 feet from where it was parked due to the force of the crash, and the Kia’s engine was on fire. 

According to reports, the airbags were deployed in both vehicles, and both drivers were injured in the accident. 

The driver of the Kia was still in the car, but it was reported that the officer was able to get out of the vehicle he was driving. He went over to the Kia and tried to help the driver. 

A witness saw that the man was stuck inside his car, and they used a crowbar to open one of the doors. 

The driver was identified as a 35-year-old Escondido resident, and it was believed that he had been drinking alcohol. He and the officer involved in the accident were taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. 

While investigating the scene, officers reportedly discovered bottles of alcohol in the Kia. They also learned that the man was on probation for a prior DUI. 

The man was taken into custody on suspicion of felony driving under the influence with injury. 

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