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Police Found Modified Automatic Guns During Traffic Stop 

A Florida couple was arrested when the authorities reportedly found illegally modified guns in their vehicle during a traffic stop. 

Last week, a man 27-year-old was driving a pickup truck in Kathleen, Florida. His 23-year-old girlfriend was in the passenger’s seat.  

According to reports, the vehicle lacked a license plate.  

A Florida Highway Patrol deputy noticed the alleged traffic violation, and they performed a traffic stop.  

The officer asked the man to get out of the truck, but the driver stayed in the vehicle. He pointed out to the trooper that he had a triangle tag on the back, which indicated it was a farm work truck. The driver believed the vehicle did not require a license plate. The man chose to stop talking to the deputy after that. 

It was reported that the trooper started to walk back to his vehicle when he noticed what he thought was a firearm in the truck. He called for backup. 

Additional law enforcement agents arrived, and the driver still refused to comply with their request for him to get out of the truck. His girlfriend also stayed in the vehicle when they asked her to get out. 

The officers broke the back window and Tazed the driver to get him to cooperate. His girlfriend exited the vehicle without further incident. 

When the truck was inspected, the officers reportedly discovered an AR-15 and a Glock handgun. Both pieces were allegedly modified so that they were fully automatic weapons. 

The man was booked into the county jail on suspicion of two counts of possession of a fully automatic firearm, possession of a short-barrel rifle, possession of a firearm with altered/removed serial number, carrying a concealed firearm, and resisting without violence, with tacked on charges from Florida Highway Patrol for resisting with violence and several traffic infractions. 

His girlfriend is facing a preliminary charge of resisting without violence. 

The driver of the truck maintains that he was stopped illegally. 

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