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DUI Suspect Tried to Bribe Officers to Let Him Go

A man being apprehended for allegedly driving under the influence has been accused of attempting to bribe several officers involved in his arrest.

Very early in the morning on October 15, an officer reportedly watched as a truck with Georgia-issued license plates was allegedly weaving down the road and failing to stay in one lane.

The officer pulled over the vehicle and spoke with the driver, identified as Fruitland Park resident Amado Cordova Izaguirre.

The officer told Izaguirre that he believed he had been drinking and recorded that there were beer bottles, both empty and unopened, inside the truck.

The officer stated that he would like Izaguirre to perform roadside sobriety tests. The man, who speaks Spanish, reportedly explained that he didn’t understand what was being asked of him, and a Hispanic officer who speaks Spanish was dispatched to provide translation.

When the suspect was about to submit to the breathalyzer test he allegedly started speaking in Spanish to the Hispanic officer and asked if he could instruct him on how he could make sure a passing result was obtained.

He was denied by the officer and after submitting to the testing his results reportedly showed that he had a blood-alcohol content of .142 on the first attempt, and .139 on his second.

Izaguirre allegedly asked an officer if he would take $1,000 to allow him to walk away, and when his offer was declined he was accused of upping the ante to $2,000.

Again he was turned down, and Izaguirre was taken to the county jail where he was charged for suspicion of driving under the influence, and attempting to bribe a public servant.

Izaguirre posted an $11,000 bond and he was released from custody.

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