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Roommate Attacked For Belief that He Was a Vampire

When a man believed his roommate was a vampire he allegedly responded by becoming alarmed and attacking him with a metal rod.

A 40-year-old man and his roommate who live together in Washington had an interaction on the evening of October 13, wherein the man believed his housemate was not human.

After a reported exchange between the two, the man asked his roommate if he was a vampire and the question was met with the response, “Is that what the kids are calling me nowadays?”

The man allegedly took the answer to mean that his roommate was, in fact, an undead, blood-sucking creature of the night.

When the perceived acknowledgment allegedly caused the man serious concern he reportedly informed his roommate that he was going to kill him by driving a wooden stake through his heart. Instead, he allegedly used a metal rod to assault the man by hitting him in the chest.

The alleged victim fled to a neighbor’s house and phoned the authorities, reportedly telling them that he was afraid of his roommate and worried about his safety because the man allegedly suffers from mental health problems and is much larger in stature than himself.

When deputies arrived at the residence they saw that the alleged victim had a swollen spot on his chest, and they believed it was attained when he was struck by the metal.

The suspect’s brother was also at the home when the incident transpired, and he reportedly stated that he saw what went on. He said that he could tell his brother had taken it seriously when the roommate made the comment regarding vampires.

The deputies stayed outside of the home and tried to get the suspect to come out but the man reportedly denied their requests and stayed in his bedroom.

Since the suspect reportedly refused to exit, the deputies went inside the home and detained him after they found him in the bedroom with a metal rod that they believe he used in the alleged attack against his roommate.

The suspect allegedly told the deputies that his use of the metal pole was defensive because his roommate was coming toward him aggressively. The man was reported as saying that he used the pole to keep his roommate at a distance and that it may have made contact with his body during the event.

On Monday, the suspect was charged in the county court with felony assault for the allegations.

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