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DUI Suspect Used Cologne As Breath Spray

A South Carolina man in the midst of a traffic stop allegedly spritzed Axe Body Spray into his mouth to try to hide the scent of alcohol.

Last weekend, 49-year-old Efren Mencia-Ramirez was reportedly driving on the interstate, allegedly sans license, with a passenger and a 12-pack of Corona beer.

After a deputy saw what he believed was Mencia-Ramirez’s car straying from his designated lane in addition to driving over the speed limit he pulled the vehicle over.

While he was walking up to the car, the deputy alleged that Mencia-Ramirez atomized Axe body deodorant spray into his mouth.

When the deputy looked inside of the car he reported that he saw the remains of the lager cans, 10 of the 12 of which were allegedly open and empty. The 11th can was reported as being upright and open in the passenger’s possession.

The deputy spoke with Mencia-Ramirez about what was going on and the suspect said that he had only enjoyed one of the beers. It was purported that Mencia-Ramirez was carrying himself and smelled as if he had falsified the amount of beer he ingested.

Mencia-Ramirez allegedly performed poorly on the roadside tests, and his blood-alcohol content was recorded as .15 as displayed by a breathalyzer.

The law enforcement officer reported that he believed Mencia-Ramirez was unable to understand a lot of what was said, and his communication in response to the deputy was also rather hindered due to the language barrier.

The deputy placed Mencia-Ramirez into custody on suspicion of DUI, driving without a license, failure to provide proof of insurance, and carrying an open container. Mencia-Ramirez was still incarcerated in lieu of bail as of March 27.

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