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Man Stood Up By Prostitute Reported Theft to Police

A report to the authorities from a man who said that he was the victim of thievery after he paid for a sexual encounter that fell through did so to his own detriment when they became more interested in his actions those in his claim.

Jon Omer Sengul, a 50-year-old Florida homeless man, reportedly rented a room at a Days Inn with $500 and the purported intention of paying for sex.

Sengul allegedly approached four people staying in another room at the motel and handed over his cash with the agreement that they would come to his room and perform sexual acts with him.

The people with whom Sengul allegedly initiated the deal never followed through and he decided to report the theft to the police.

When giving his statement, Sengul reportedly began to speak about the details of his alleged attempt to purchase physical pleasure. According to the arrest affidavit, the officer recorded that he intervened to read him his rights.

The officer alleged that Sengul still chose to go forward with disclosing the details of his purported solicitation-gone-wrong.

In lieu of reimbursement for his failed carnal arrangement, Sengul got screwed by legal accusations of misdemeanor soliciting prostitution.

Sengul, who reportedly has no prior encounters with the law, was released after submitting $500 bond. He has pleaded not guilty to the allegations.

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