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Elderly Hospital Patient Accused Worker of Sucking Her Toes

An employee of a Florida hospital has been accused of sucking on an elderly patient’s toes while she slept in her bed.

23-year-old Frantz Beldorin was working his shift as a sitter at Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Meyers on Monday night.

When Beldorin went into one of the patient’s rooms an event reportedly transpired involving the elderly woman who was sleeping in her bed.

The woman was reportedly woken up while Beldorin was still in her room, and she allegedly became concerned when she noticed he was at the foot of her bed after she felt like there was wetness on her toes. The patient surmised that the feeling was due to the possibility that Beldorin had been sucking on her toes while she slept.

The woman told a nurse about the alleged incident and hospital security interacted with Beldorin in the middle of his shift, but the suspected toe-sucker did not know why he was being hailed by them.

Beldorin was taken into custody by local authorities, and he may face charges for battery on a senior citizen due to the accusation. He was booked into the county jail and later released on bond.

Beldorin spoke with a local news outlet about the allegations and said that his entire life is in peril due to the situation. The man was fired from his job, and he believes that the accusation may affect his future opportunities.

The man asserted that he did enter the woman’s room, and his phone accidentally dropped to the floor. He additionally stated that he placed his hands on the bed to steady himself while retrieving it, but he did not do anything inappropriate to the patient.

Beldorin said he is not the type of person who would commit the act he is being accused of, and that he understands it could have frightened the woman when she spotted a dark-skinned man standing in her darkened room in the night.

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