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Ex-Boyfriend Broke In and Slashed Woman’s Face

On September 2, a man reportedly illegally entered the home of his ex-girlfriend in the middle of the night and allegedly proceeded to threaten her life before he sliced her face with a knife.

44-year-old Alexander Chicas and his girlfriend of several years recently reportedly ended their long-term relationship when the woman claimed that Chicas had gotten physically violent with her and she decided to leave him.

Just before 2:00 am on Monday, the woman was inside her home with the window open when Chicas was suspected of tearing the screen off and climbing into her bedroom.

The alleged victim told the Santa Ana police that Chicas issued a threat on her life before he took a knife and gashed her face with it.

After she was cut the woman began to scream, and her teenage son, who was also in the house at the time of the alleged assault, rushed to see what was wrong with his mother.

Upon the teenager’s entry, Chicas reportedly made a hasty retreat from the residence.

Since he was no longer on the premises, the authorities issued a description of the suspect, his vehicle, his license plate number, and the general coordinates of where they believe he resides to the public in an attempt to locate and detain Chicas for the allegations.

Though he has not yet been caught by the police, it was reported that Chicas has been charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, felony burglary, felony criminal threats, and felony stalking, in an arrest warrant. He is also expected to face charges for suspicion of attempted murder with a sentencing enhancement of attempted premeditated murder, misdemeanor domestic battery, and a second sentencing enhancement for personal use of a deadly weapon, and causing great bodily injury.

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