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Mom Used Inmates to Smuggle Drugs to Her Jailed Son

The 75-year-old mother of a convicted felon who is serving his sentence at a county jail in Louisiana has been accused of attempting to get drugs to her son by dropping them off at an inmate work crew job site.

Arcadia resident Judy Futch’s 46-year-old son Derrek is currently an inmate at the Ouachita Correctional Center.

Last Monday, an Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy reportedly found a stash of Suboxone, a prescription drug often used for treating opioid dependency, at a work crew job site where inmates are taken to perform labor.

While trying to discern the details behind the situation involving the contraband, an investigator working the case was issued information suggesting that Judy Futch was the party responsible for placing the drugs at the site. It was further purported that the woman left the substance at the location with the intention of having the working inmates bring it back to the facility and give it to her son.

When Judy was brought in and interviewed regarding the situation she was asked to sign a waiver stating that she was willingly giving up her legal rights. She reportedly consented with a signature, and then allegedly said she would continue talking to the authorities about the incident.

Initially, Judy allegedly said she had nothing to do with the Suboxone left at the site, but the police had reportedly obtained a picture of the woman holding a bag on the grounds. When Judy was shown the image she allegedly said the sack contained food intended for the working prisoners. It was inquired as to whether she knew of anything else inside of the bag and Judy reportedly admitted that she was aware the Suboxone was in the package as well.

According to the affidavit, Judy said she received instructions from her son about how to go about getting the Suboxone to him, and that she had “done it approximately two times.”

Judy Futch was taken into custody and booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center for suspicion of felony conspiracy, and narcotics possession charges. She was released the following morning on her own recognizance.

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