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Ex-Convict Arrested For Hitting His Mom With Corn

A son who resides with his mom is facing charges after the 27-year-old allegedly threw a corncob at her in what has been deemed a domestic battery.

Cody Cummins currently lives with his mother in her Zephyrhills, Florida, home. He previously served a prison sentence for over 3 years due to an armed burglary conviction, and since his release, Cummins has spent some time employed as a cook.

On May 25, Cummins was at home with his mom when he reportedly chucked a corncob. The central core of the vegetable allegedly propelled in the direction of his mother and it struck her on the top of her head.

The authorities went to the residence and spoke with the 56-year-old mother, who said that she was not injured in the reported event, but that Cummins was no longer at home. The details of what sparked the alleged incident have not been disclosed, but the police believed they had enough probable cause to place Cummins under arrest.

The officers were able to locate Cummins just before 2:30 am on May 26, and he was taken into custody for allegedly popping his mother with the corncob.

It was recorded in the defining characteristics section of the police report that Cummins sports a “Laugh Now Cry Later” tattoo. The suspect is now facing charges for misdemeanor domestic battery due to the allegations, which could lend a bitter irony to the meaning behind his ink.

Cummins spent two days in jail in lieu of $150 bond, and he was released around 9:30 pm on May 28.

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