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Suspect Said Roadside Test Was Beyond Her Physical Capability

A woman who was accused of driving under the influence reportedly tried to explain to an officer that she would be unable to take the roadside sobriety test without failing, whether or not she had been drinking.

On May 28, a sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene of a reported car accident involving a single car.

When the deputy scoped out the surrounding area, a vehicle was seen in a nearby ditch approximately 900 feet away from a damaged fixture on the highway. He went up to the car and spoke with the driver, identified as Amanda Barrett, and asked her what transpired.

Barrett reportedly told the deputy that she had no recollection of how her car ended up in the trench on the side of the road.

The deputy asked Barrett to provide her personal information, and he allegedly saw bits from the wreckage that made a path to her vehicle.

When she was asked to take the field sobriety tests, Barrett was reported as trying to express that she wasn’t capable of passing, even in a sober state.

Despite her appeal to the deputy he tried to get her to complete the tasks. When she failed to satisfy the requirements, as she had told him that she would, the deputy tried to take her into custody.

Barrett reportedly requested that the deputy allow her to have a moment to collect herself, but he felt that she was being uncooperative and grabbed her wrists in an attempt to detain her.

After allegedly continuing to escalate her non-compliant behavior, backup law enforcement officers arrived in order to help with apprehending Barrett. They stated that she was kicking and yelling as she was put into the police car, and she allegedly continued to persist while seated in the back.

One of the windows in the back of the vehicle was allegedly damaged from Barrett’s alleged kicking, and when an officer commander her to cease he reported that she did a full backflip causing her foot to make contact with his head.

Barrett, who is facing charges for DUI, implied consent, order of protection violation, resisting arrest, assault on an officer and vandalism of a police cruiser, was reported as continuing to act out with physical aggression during her booking.

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