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Ex-Lovers’ Spat About Circumcision Cut Short by Cops 

Two Florida men who used to date reportedly got into an argument when one of them expressed a preference for uncircumcised genitals and became physically aggressive. 

Kyle Elias Perez, 28, and his 37-year-old ex-boyfriend live in St. Petersburg. Though they are no longer a couple, they have continued sharing the same home. 

Around 5:00 am on May 4, Perez was awake, but his ex was sleeping.  

According to the police report, Perez woke up the slumbering man and immediately became confrontational. 

Perez reportedly started to talk about how he likes uncircumcised genitals, but he is circumcised. He expressed his belief that the procedure is “mutilation.” 

It was reported that Perez did not feel his ex was supportive of his feelings about the subject and he allegedly became angry. 

Things reportedly got physical when Perez allegedly hit the man in the right side of his face. Perez was reportedly holding the man in place by grasping onto his left arm. He allegedly proceeded to grab and yank his ex’s long hair. 

The St. Petersburg Police Department sent officers to the address to investigate. 

When the police arrived, they noted that Perez saw them pull up, and he ran away from the residence. 

The officers searched for Perez, and they located him in the alleyway behind his residence. The man was reportedly trying to hide behind a parked car. 

When he was asked about what took place between himself and the alleged victim, Perez reportedly confirmed that the fight had to do with circumcision. 

Perez was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. He is facing charges for suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery. According to jail records, Perez was released from custody on his own recognizance the following afternoon. 

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