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Woman Ran Over the Wrong Man with Her Car 

A woman in Idaho reportedly ran over a man that she mistook for the person she allegedly intended to strike down with her vehicle. 

On the evening of January 18, a man was exiting WinCo Foods in Idaho Falls. 

As he walked through the parking lot, he was struck by a vehicle. He was knocked to the ground and run over.  

The suspect drove away, and left the man, who was injured, on the ground. 

The authorities were notified, and they opened an investigation to try to locate the person who drove the automobile in what was assumed to be an intentional hit-and-run. 

Someone who claimed to witness the incident told the authorities that they believed they heard the driver yell, “That’s what you (expletive) get!” The witness assumed that the statement was meant for the person that had been run down. 

According to the Idaho Falls Police Department, they reviewed surveillance camera footage and asserted that the suspect was driving “a gray or silver late model SUV or a truck with a camper shell.” 

The police spoke with the victim a few days after the incident, and he reported that both of his feet were broken in the accident, and he needed surgeries to have pins placed in them. 

Using the information they gathered during the investigation, the authorities believed the suspect was 39-year-old Brandi Morgan from Idaho Falls. 

When the police apprehended Morgan, she said that she was not “admitting anything,” but that there was “a backstory.” 

Morgan explained that someone sexually assaulted one of her relatives, and she wanted to make sure the offender suffered. 

The authorities informed Morgan that the person she hit was not the person she accused of sexual assault. 

Morgan was placed under arrest. She is facing charges for felony aggravated battery and felony leaving the scene of an accident resulting in an injury or death. Morgan was held in lieu of a $35,000 bond, and a no contact order was put in place to protect the alleged victim. 

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