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Fast Food Worker Assaulted for Denying Coupon

In a video recorded by a patron of the restaurant, a man was seen as he allegedly assaulted a Burger King employee when he reportedly became angry that his coupon was denied.

On January 15, 34-year-old Jeremiah Wenzel, his mother, and another woman visited a Burger King together in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

When it came time for Wenzel to pay for his order he handed the worker a coupon, and the employee told him that he was unable to accept it.

Wenzel allegedly became so embittered by the discount refusal that he was seen in the recording as he hurled a cell phone at the wall behind the service counter, and told the workers he was going to take legal action against them.

The employees warned Wenzel that he was not permitted behind the counter and told him that they were going to notify the authorities.

Wenzel’s mother became aware that an incident involving her son was taking place. When the woman learned that her son had thrown a phone, she identified the device as her own and became very angry that he had used it in that fashion.

After his mom’s outburst, Wenzel reportedly slid over the counter and retrieved the phone. An employee tried to kick him out of the restaurant and Wenzel allegedly responded by striking the man in the head with the phone hard enough to reportedly cause a bleeding wound.

Wenzel left the premises, but the police went to his residence and placed him under arrest for the accusations.

At the beginning of February, Wenzel is scheduled to answer for a misdemeanor charge for suspicion of assault causing bodily injury.

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