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Grandson Robbed Family Home During Grandma’s Funeral

While his grandmother’s funeral was taking place a man allegedly broke into his grandfather’s residence and took guns without permission.

26-year-old Cameron Michael Reine’s grandmother passed away recently and her funeral was held last Thursday.

While the rest of his family paid their final respects to his grandmother, Reine allegedly used the time as a chance to break in and steal from their Evansville home while his grandfather was at the service.

When Reine’s grandfather got home afterward, he said he found that firearms he had stored in his home were no longer there.

Reine reportedly knew how to enter the home, and had knowledge of the codes needed to enter the safe where the guns were stored. Since he was not present with the rest of the family at his grandmother’s funeral, his grandfather asserted that Reine was the perpetrator who had taken the firearms.

The alleged victim notified the authorities and explained the situation, reportedly adding that this incident is not the first time Reine has had sticky fingers with his grandparents’ belongings. The man was reported as saying he had decided to let it go without making an issue of it on previous occasions so that it wouldn’t get his grandson into any legal trouble.

When the police interacted with Reine and questioned him about his grandfather’s claims he allegedly said that he did not steal the guns from his grandfather, but it was later recorded that he rescinded his statement and admitted to the act. Reine allegedly disclosed that he needed the guns because he owed someone money.

Reine was taken into custody and he is being held on a $5000 bond for several theft-related charges.

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