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Florida Inmate Punched Deputy in Face Out of Boredom 

A Florida inmate allegedly injured a deputy by punching her in the face while she was being escorted to a pod and said that she did it out of boredom. 

23-year-old Jazmyne Levesque is from Tarpon Springs. She is currently an inmate at the Pinellas County jail.    

In May, Levesque reportedly stole 87 pieces of inventory from Ulta in Tarpon Springs. She was arrested for the $2,369.38 alleged theft and charged with felony grand theft, for which she was released on bond. 

On July 14, Levesque argued with a municipal bus driver and allegedly punched the man. When the police arrived, Levesque reportedly told an officer that she was “threatening” them and called them an idiot after telling them to do their jobs. Levesque was taken into custody and booked into the county jail on suspicion of assault on a law enforcement officer and assault on a public transit employee. 

Around 3:00 PM on July 28, a deputy was walking Levesque to a clinic for treatment. According to the police report, Levesque struck the deputy “in her face with a closed hand (fist).” 

Levesque was read her rights, and she allegedly stated that she did “hit the corporal in the face,” and that she had done so “because she was bored.” 

It was reported that Levesque’s boredom caused her to fight with other inmates throughout the day before the alleged encounter with the corporal. 

In addition to the charges she is already facing, Levesque has been accused of one felony count of battery on a law enforcement officer. 

According to reports, the corporal was injured when she was hit in the face, and she visited the on-site walk-in clinic for medical treatment. 

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