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Florida Man Arrested for Godiva-Esque Protest

A reportedly bold protestor from Tampa is facing charges for an alleged pants-free protest in front of drivers on a street in Palm Harbor.

23-year-old Riley James Cushman is a Florida resident who has allegedly been fired up about fighting for civil rights.

On the afternoon of February 8, Cushman reportedly decided to raise public awareness with a one-man crusade for justice.

The man allegedly headed to an area of US Highway 19 that runs through Palm Harbor and got out of his vehicle.

As Lady Godiva took a stance in the 13th century against oppressive taxation by protesting naked on horseback, Cushman also allegedly chose nudity as a way to gain attention for his cause.

After positioning himself where he was facing oncoming traffic, Cushman reportedly pulled down his pants and left himself exposed to the passengers in the vehicles coming toward him.

Cushman reportedly proceeded to put his penis in his hand, displaying it for all to see.

A deputy was driving past and noticed the alleged spectacle, and Cushman appeared to spot the officer at the same time.

The man reportedly pulled his pants back up and retreated from his posted spot in the road.

When the deputy spoke with Cushman, the man reportedly explained that he was staging a protest for civil rights.

According to the police report, Cushman told the officer that he “was now finished and wanted to go home.”

Cushman was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. He is expected to face a misdemeanor charge for exposure of sexual organs.

It was ordered that Cushman, who is listed as a transient on his arrest record, would be incarcerated in lieu of a $150 bond for his alleged offensive rebellion.

On February 10, Cushman, who has pleaded not guilty, was released on a surety bond.

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