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Florida Man Bit Chunk off Deputy’s Head at Music Festival

An officer reportedly had a sizeable piece of flesh bitten off his head by a Florida man at a music festival.

From May 2 through May 5, the yearly Sol Fest event took place at Vortex Springs in Ponce de Leon. According to the official website, “The purpose of Sol Fest is to create a safe haven where people can connect, establish long-lasting friendships, and create memories that will help them heal from loss and the challenges of life.”

While the festival rules state that narcotics are not permitted, the police reported that they found several substances on the premises, including psilocybin mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, and others. More than 50 attendees were arrested for allegations of possession.

On the evening of May 5, a deputy from the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office was on foot patrol at the event. He came across a man who was a volunteer assistant at the event, and the deputy believed he was under the influence of multiple narcotics.

According to reports, the man became physically aggressive with him, and the deputy believed he tried to reach for his gun. The man also reportedly bit a large chunk of skin off the deputy’s head. The altercation continued, and though the law enforcement officer used his Taser on the man it did not cause him to stop.  Additional deputies arrived to lend support, and together they were able to restrain him.

It was determined that the deputy and the suspect both had injuries severe enough to need medical treatment, so they were both taken to a local hospital.

The man is facing preliminary charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

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