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Florida Man Fondled Ariel at Disney World

A Disney World employee has accused a man who was a patron of the park of making her feel uncomfortable and groping her while she was dressed as Princess Ariel.

On November 2, in the Orlando Disney World Ariel’s Grotto attraction, a man and his wife entered and desired a photo with the princess.

When it became their turn to pose with the person dressed as Ariel, the pair reportedly sat on either side of her and crowded her to the point that she allegedly felt awkward about the interaction.

According to the statement given by the alleged victim, the man pressed beside her enthusiastically put his arm around her shoulder and expressed his fondness for the character she portrayed.

The woman, who was dressed in Ariel’s well-known clamshell top with a fishtail, reported that the man took it a step further by grabbing her breast through the wispy material.

The alleged victim’s coworkers reported that they noticed the man fondling her while she looked like she was tightly pressed between him and his wife, and they asked the man to cease and assume a more family-friendly pose.

When the man, identified as 51-year-old Brian Sherman by the information printed on his park pass, left the attraction the alleged victim reportedly became so upset that the attraction was forced to close after her coworker noticed her alleged highly emotional state.

When the authorities were notified of the alleged incident, they went to the amusement park and used a picture of the man that was taken inside the grotto to confirm who they believed the offender was.

The police located Sherman and placed him under arrest for suspicion of misdemeanor battery for the accusations.

Sherman, who was reported as having priors from 1991 which require him to register as a sex offender, was released from custody on a $500 bond.

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