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Florida Pair Busted For Public Sex in Front of Hospital

A couple was arrested after reportedly being caught in the act of having sex in public while adjacent to a local St. Petersburg hospital.

On March 2, just after 9:30 pm, 45-year-old Ann Marie Tucker and 37-year-old Albert Singletary were allegedly hanging out near St. Anthony’s Hospital.

While in view of the passersby, and rather close to a sign posted that was marked to deter trespassers, Tucker and Singletary allegedly removed their clothing in the public space and began to partake in a public sexual encounter.

When the authorities arrived, they reported that Singletary’s entire genital area and buttocks were visible to everyone in the immediate area who might have looked in the couple’s direction.

Officers placed both Tucker and Singletary under arrest, and they were each booked into the Pinellas County Jail.

Singletary, who is recorded as homeless in his arrest records, has been accused of misdemeanor trespassing, and misdemeanor exposure of sexual organs. He is being held in lieu of a $300 bond.

Tucker, who was also charged with trespassing, and exposure of sexual organs, both misdemeanors, chose to plead guilty to the charges. It was additionally reported that Tucker has a record of prior criminal incidents such as prostitution and drug possession.

A judge ordered Tucker to serve 10-days in the county jail for her admission of public sexual behavior, and after 8-days she was released for time served.

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