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Stripper Gave Officer Free Show During Booking

When a woman who works as an exotic dancer was arrested for driving under the influence, she reportedly behaved in a carefree manner by performing alleged acts such as requesting to stop for fast food and showing her pierced nipples to an officer.

On March 14, police patrolling in Peoria just after 1:30 am spotted a Pontiac and asserted that the driver had failed to obey a posted stop sign.

The officers performed a traffic stop and upon first interaction with the driver, identified as 28-year-old Shatara Mitchell, they reported that they could smell alcohol and she seemed “relaxed” as she listened to music at a high volume and danced around in the driver’s seat.

When asking Mitchell if she had consumed alcohol she allegedly told the officers that she had two shots of spirits and that she had just departed from the Luxxx Gentleman’s Club where she is employed as a stripper.

According to the police report, Mitchell was cooperative when interacting with them and complied with the officers’ request for a roadside test.

Her performance on the series of instructed commands was reported to be unsatisfactory, and during her performance, she allegedly added an impromptu dance routine when a song she enjoyed came on in her car.

Mitchell allowed the officers to conduct a breathalyzer test, but the first two tries did not produce a valid number. On the third try, she was recorded as having a .204 blood-alcohol concentration.

After the officer told Mitchell she was being placed under arrest for DUI, she allegedly expressed concern about whether or not she would be fed in jail, in addition to worrying about the possibility that she would be anally raped while incarcerated.

Before beginning to drive, the officer reportedly tried to make her feel more comfortable by explaining that she would be issued a bond amount and would not have to remain in jail.

On their way to the station, Mitchell allegedly made a request to the officer that they stop and grab some fast food.

When they reached the jail and while an officer was tending to paperwork, Mitchell allegedly pulled her shirt up and displayed her bare, pierced breasts reportedly stating that she did not intend to take out her body jewelry.

After reportedly waiving her right to remain silent, Mitchell allegedly told the officer that she hadn’t eaten since the previous day and that she had a few shots of alcohol before she left for work just after 6:00 pm.

Mitchell was charged with suspicion of DUI, and she was released after posting her bond.

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