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Florida Police Find Driver Carrying Concealed Hatchet

A man who was pulled over by the police while he was driving in Florida was allegedly discovered carrying a hatchet in his vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

A 23-year-old man from Danville, Kentucky, was traveling in his vehicle through Clearwater, Florida, last Thursday, when he was involved in a routine traffic stop.

When the officer approached the man’s car he was identified as Travis Byerly, and he was reportedly driving with a license that had been suspended nearly a month prior, to which he allegedly did not dispute when it was discovered.

When peering into the vehicle the officer noticed something suspicious placed between the driver’s seat and the door. Upon further inspection, he allegedly found that the object was a hatchet sitting out of sight, but in reach of Byerly.

As stated in the arrest report, after being read his Miranda rights, Byerly was questioned by the officer about the weapon and he allegedly gave a statement expressing that he believed he needed to arm himself with a hatchet because there are “scum bags in Florida.”

The officer seized the hatchet and Byerly was taken into custody. He is facing two misdemeanor charges comprised of carrying a concealed weapon, and driving a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Byerly was ordered a $400 bond and he was released from custody after a family member paid the amount.

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