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Florida Teen Tried to Kill Boy in Sister’s Defense

A teenager reportedly became infuriated and tried to murder a boy that made a purportedly derogatory comment about his sister.

A 16-year-old boy from Leesburg, Florida, reportedly had a violent encounter with another boy on the evening of July 2.

According to his parents, the boy left home to go for a ride on his bicycle.

During his ride, the boy reportedly encountered the 16-year-old.

It was not reported exactly what was said during their interaction, but the teenager reportedly said that he was set off when the boy on the bike made a comment about his sister.

The teen reportedly flew into a rage and attacked the boy. He allegedly choked him until he lost consciousness before he dragged him into the woods.

The alleged attack continued, and the teenager reportedly left the boy in the woods without clothing, knocked out, and severely injured.

When the child did not come home from his bike ride, his parents called the authorities.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office located the boy early the next morning. He had regained consciousness and made it out of the woods.

Deputies reported that the boy’s eyes were swollen and barely open, and he was still unclothed. His mouth was also bleeding.

It was reported that the boy was fading in and out of consciousness, but he was able to give the authorities the identity of the person he thought attacked him.

When the police went to the home of the purported offender, the teen was standing with his father. He reportedly immediately turned around and began to walk into the wooded area.

Deputies found the injured boy’s belongings in the spot that the teenager led them.

He was asked what occurred, and the teen reportedly openly disclosed that he meant to kill the boy. He said the boy begged him to stop, but he choked him until he passed out. The teen reportedly left him in the woods and stole his belongings.

The alleged assailant is facing charges for attempted felony murder, kidnapping with bodily harm, and robbery.

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