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Florida Woman Called Police to Report Stolen Marijuana

A Florida woman was arrested after she notified the police to report that someone stole her marijuana and paraphernalia, and the police found out that she had multiple arrest warrants out of another county.

According to reports, early in the morning on November 17, a woman who was staying at a Best Western hotel in Stuart, Florida, called the police to report a theft. She reportedly said someone stole her marijuana.

The Stuart Police Department sent officers to the hotel to talk to the caller. When they arrived, the woman reportedly told them she met a man about a week ago, and she believed he stole items from her. She said she was missing about $30 worth of marijuana and the marijuana grinder that it was inside of.

The officers identified the woman, who lives in Jupiter, and when they checked her information against the criminal database, they reportedly found out that she was in legal trouble outside of the county. They learned that she had two active arrest warrants out of Palm Beach County – one for allegedly violating her probation for a DUI charge and one for criminal mischief for allegations that she punched her dad during an argument about a picture of her he posted online.

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Martin County Jail. She is facing charges of one count of probation violation and one count of failure to appear. At this time, it is unknown if charges for the alleged marijuana possession will be sought. Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Florida, but recreational marijuana is a criminal offense. She was held without bail, but jail records indicate that she has since been released.

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