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Florida Woman Charged for Busting Sink During Bathroom Sex 

While a woman and her companion were at a restaurant, they allegedly engaged in intimate behavior in the establishment’s restroom reportedly resulting in the sink being damaged and torn from the wall. 

37-year-old Kathryn Lynn Trammel lives in Seminole, Florida. 

It was reported that late in the afternoon on December 7, Trammel went to Irish 31 Pub House & Eatery. She was reportedly accompanied by a man. 

While they were spending time with one another in the restaurant, the pair reportedly went into the bathroom together.  

One of the workers walked into the restroom and reportedly saw Trammel and the man engaged in sexual activity. It was reported that the employee told them that they would both have to leave the premises for their alleged misuse of the facility. 

Despite the order to depart, Trammel and the man reportedly decided that they were not going to leave and sat down at the bar together instead. 

A few moments later, the couple allegedly re-entered the bathroom.  

When they came out of the restroom, an employee decided to go in and inspect the space to make sure nothing was out of order. They reportedly saw that the bathroom sink was broken and had been removed from the wall. It was assumed that Trammel and her companion caused the damage. 

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the situation. 

When the restaurant employees talked to the responding officers, they informed them that the worker who caught Trammel and the man the first time did not find any damage in the bathroom. They added that they did not believe anyone else had gone into the restroom before Trammel and her friend returned, so they surmised that the couple was responsible for the busted sink. 

Trammel reportedly chose to give a statement to the police. She allegedly admitted that she broke the sink while she and her companion were having sex. 

Trammel was taken into custody and charged with criminal mischief for the approximated $500 in damages.  

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