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Man Attempt to Purchase $84k Truck using Fake Identity 

A man was arrested when the authorities learned he was allegedly using a stolen ID to try to buy an $84,000 truck at a local dealership. 

25-year-old Javan Davenport resides in Columbus, Georgia. 

It was reported that on December 2, Davenport was approximately 280 miles from his listed home address, and he was visiting a car dealership. 

The man reportedly went to Howard Bentley GMC in Albertville, Alabama, and began the process of purchasing a vehicle.  

According to the staff at the dealership, Davenport was interested in an $84,000 2020 GMC truck. 

When Davenport reportedly said that he wanted to buy the vehicle, he was given the necessary forms to fill out. The man allegedly provided a fake name when he was asked. He was also asked to present his identification card while he worked on the paperwork to apply for the auto loan for payment of the vehicle. 

The dealership has a fraud department, and the team member who checked the ID that Davenport allegedly handed over said the card was found to be fraudulent. 

The authorities were notified about the situation, and the agent working with Davenport continued to finish the transaction without letting on that there was an issue. 

Albertville Police Department officers arrived at the scene. 

When Davenport was informed that the purchase was complete, he was placed under arrest for allegedly acquiring the vehicle illegally by using someone else’s name and identification card.  

Davenport was taken into custody and booked at the Marshall County Jail on a $100,000 bond. He is expected to face charges for suspicion of first-degree theft of property and identity theft. 

Davenport was released from custody after a brief time behind bars. 

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