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Mischievous Ex Used Dead Raccoon in Vehicle Destructions 

A Florida woman is facing charges after allegedly damaging her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle and destroying his new girlfriend’s car. 

76-year-old Patsy Murrell lives in Pasadena, Florida. 

Murrell was dating a 74-year-old man, but they ended their relationship in June, and her ex is dating someone new. 

Just before 10:00 pm on September 23, Murrell allegedly went over to her ex’s home in Largo, which is approximately 30 minutes away from her reported address.
Her ex, who drives a Chrysler, and his girlfriend, who has a BMW, had their cars parked outside the residence, and Murrell allegedly saw an opportunity to let out some of her anger. 

According to the police report, Murrell pulled out a tube of pink lipstick and wrote obscene things on the windows of the vehicles. She reportedly used the lipstick to scribble “Wominizer [SIC]” and “Loves Kinky Sex” on her ex’s windows, and “Slut” on the woman’s car. 

Murrell also allegedly doused both cars with oil and placed a dead raccoon on the hood of the woman’s BMW. 

Both vehicles reported obtained body damage when Murrell allegedly used her car to slam into both of theirs. 

When the authorities learned about the defaced automobiles, Murrell’s cell phone was traced. They reported that they were able to see that she was near her ex’s home on the evening that the incident took place. 

They also reported that Murrell’s car had paint that was believed to be from the victim’s automobiles on the front bumper and took her vehicle to an auto body shop for work on the bumpers.  

Murrell was taken into custody and booked into the county jail. She is expected to face charges of two counts of criminal mischief. 

She was released on her own recognizance. 

It was reported that Murrell’s ex’s girlfriend’s car was totaled due to the incident.  

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