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Florida Woman’s Bond Revoked After Assault Arrest 

A New Yorker living in Florida with several recent arrests was taken into custody for alleged assault, resulting in the revocation of the bond she posted for her release in a prior incident. 

Stephanie Romas is a 42-year-old New York native who currently resides in a home her parents own in The Villages. Her mother and father also live in The Villages. 

In September, Romas allegedly stole a box of cereal from a store in Wildwood. She was not taken into custody, but a warrant for her arrest was later obtained by the police. 

On October 8, Romas was at her parents’ home when the police came to investigate a reported domestic dispute. When they identified her, Romas was placed under arrest after the police learned that she was wanted for the Wildwood cereal theft allegations.  

On October 19, the woman was reportedly involved in an altercation with her dad. She allegedly slammed a door during the dispute. She also allegedly shoved him and caused the man to slam into a wall. 

When the authorities arrived, Romas was placed under arrest for suspicion of domestic battery. She was held until she paid a $2,000 bond. 

Last Thursday, Romas, who is still out on bond, was reportedly spending time with a woman whose identity and relationship to her has not been disclosed. 

The women reportedly got into an argument, and it escalated to the point that Romas allegedly became physically violent.  

According to the sheriff’s office, Romas yanked the woman’s hair and pushed her. 

The incident caused Romas’ bond to get revoked, and she was taken into custody and booked into Lake County Jail. 

Romas is currently being held without bond.  

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